Netflix To Land DreamWorks Movie Streaming Exclusive

Netflix may soon be getting an exclusive deal with DreamWorks for movie streaming. According to a Bloomberg source, the two companies have been in talks and are ready to finalize the deal as soon as this week. It's believed that they are waiting for both companies to announce their quarterly earnings results before they announce the partnership.

Currently, DreamWorks has a deal with HBO that won't expire until 2014. However, it's reported that DreamWorks has been allowed out of the contract two years early, making it possible for them to make the switch to Netflix this year. But even so, access to DreamWorks content may not start until 2013. And although the addition of DreamWorks movies won't be a significant amount of content, its films have been among the highest grossing and should be quite popular with Netflix subscribers.

This development will also help Netflix to further its streaming-only strategy, which it believes to be the future of its business. The company has recently split its DVD and streaming bundle, almost doubling the total subscription rate for customers to keep both services. Instead of $9.99 for the bundle, customers now have to pay $7.99 for each.

[via VentureBeat]