Netflix To Delete Over 80 Movies And TV Shows For The New Year

If you have had a subscription to Netflix for very long, you know that the service adds and removes content regularly. Netflix says that most of the removing of content has to do with licensing deals struck with the studios. If you have been holding off watching some older movies on the streaming service, today is the last day for some content.

Netflix will be removing 80 different movies and TV shows from its streaming catalog. Most of the content appears to be older flicks, but some are classics that people tend to watch over and over. Among the movies being removed are Top Gun and the flick Titanic.

Among the TV shows being removed from the service include some seasons of Saturday Night Live, Mr. Bean, and The Kids in the Hall. The original Dark Shadows series is also being deleted. If you planned to ring in the New Year with a classic war film, Platoon is being deleted as well.

Hopefully, the spat of content being deleted from the service will mean some new material is coming. I'd like to see more mainstream movies on Netflix and less of the independent stuff of dubious quality personally.

SOURCE: Fox 5 San Diego