Netflix testing service for hotels with Marriott

Netflix is the most popular streaming TV destination out there for paid users. There is no shortage of TV shows and movies on the channel for fans to stream ranging from past seasons of popular shows on network TV to popular original series. Netflix is eyeing an expansion into a new area of business according to a report.

Netflix is currently testing an expansion in hotels with tests underway involving Marriott hotels. Marriott is currently allowing guests in eight of its hotels to access Netflix and other streaming services including Netflix rival Hulu and Pandora on TVs in the hotel rooms.

The testing is a move to offer guests a new in-room entertainment service. Marriott is reportedly one of several hotel chains that are looking into offering Netflix to guests according to a source claiming to be close to the talks.

Presumably, the service in hotels will offer streaming content to customers who aren't currently subscribed giving them a taste of what they get with a subscription. This year will be a big one for Netflix; it is already planning to expand its service into Australia and New Zealand in March.