Netflix reveals Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime made entirely in 3DCG

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 27, 2020, 12:51pm CDT
Netflix reveals Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness anime made entirely in 3DCG

Netflix is gearing up to release a new anime series based on Capcom’s long-running and wildly popular Resident Evil universe. Called Infinite Darkness, the new Resident Evil series will come a few years after the previously released CG-based film Resident Evil: Vendetta. This time around, according to Netflix, it will use full 3DCG animation for the series.

The term 3DCG refers to 3D computer graphics, which means graphics that are made entirely in 3D. Though some diehard fans have complained about this slow transition, a number of anime shows have made the switch to 3DCG animation over traditional 2D animations, opening the door to new styles and types of scenes. Netflix’s newly announced Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series will be the latest among them.

Netflix says it will kick off an exclusive global launch of the new Capcom show on its platform sometime next year, though we don’t have a more precise date at this time. Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Capcom supervised the project and served as an executive producer, according to Netflix, which will work with TMS Entertainment as producer and Quebico as the lead on 3DCG animation.

As for the series itself, Netflix says Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness will focus on the characters Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, and that the series will fall in the horror-action genre. Netflix has published a trailer and teaser art to go alongside the new series, the latter of which features the two characters with a bloody wall for a backdrop.

The trailer, meanwhile, shows us Claire going into an abandoned building where she finds something that isn’t revealed to viewers. Leon, meanwhile, discovers something in this same darkness, but the focus here isn’t on the story — rather, Netflix wants viewers to note the production quality itself, pointing out that ‘you can see every tiny speck of floating dust and the tension of the characters’ expressions in these ultra-realistic, high-quality visuals.’

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