Netflix revamps profile icons with show characters, improved designs

Netflix is updating its account profile avatars, adding improved versions of existing options, as well as entirely new images to choose from. The company is adding avatars that feature characters from some of its popular original shows, such as Orange is the New Black and Fuller House. Netflix also explains how to use multiple profiles to split up recommendations based on genres.

Netflix allows subscriber accounts to have up to five different profiles. These profiles are each labelled with a name and image; until now, the profile avatars were limited to a handful of colorful cartoon faces. Profiles are typically used by multiple members of the same home, preventing other viewers from messing up the recommended content and "Continue watching" list.

The company has improved those aforementioned cartoon face icons, adding shading and new colors, and also new options. Some characters from popular Netflix original shows are now avatar options. As well, Netflix explains that a single user can set up multiple profiles to get personalized content from different genres.

For example, someone who enjoys watching romance, horror, and thrillers can create three profiles, each named after the genres. Exclusively watching these types of movies and shows within the profile will result in better recommendations that reveal more shows and movies that are like them. This is a handy way for users to improve their recommendations and keep them isolated to specific profiles, though only if there are only one or two people in the household.