Netflix renews Steve Carell comedy Space Force for season two

Netflix has renewed its hit comedy series Space Force starring Steve Carell, according to new reports. The series was pitched shortly after President Trump announced plans to create a sixth branch of the military called Space Force, an announcement that triggered the idea for the show and led to its ultimate arrival on Netflix earlier this year.

In December 2018, Trump signed the order for the creation of Space Command, a move that would lead to the establishment of the Space Force, a military branch operating under the US Air Force. The name of the new military branch triggered ample jokes from the public.

One person apparently tickled by the notion was Steve Carell, who said he reached out to The Office creator Greg Daniels to pitch a new comedy based on the Space Force. Daniels was on board with the idea, and the result was Space Force season one, which premiered on Netflix back in May.

According to Variety, Netflix has ordered Space Force season two with production slated to start some time next year. It's unclear when the second season will debut on Netflix.

No details were provided on where the second season will take viewers and whether it will take into account the new administration and the potential changes that may sweep the government's space-centric focus. This season may play a big role in whether Netflix decides to keep the show around for a third season.