Netflix probably won't get a third 'The Haunting of' horror installment

If you were hoping 2021 would include a third installment in Netflix's The Haunting of... horror anthology, the show's creator Mike Flanagan has bad news. Responding to a fan's question on Twitter, Flanagan revealed that there aren't any plans to continue with the series, though he did leave open the possibility for things to change.

The Netflix anthology is, as with the growing number of other anthology horror shows, designed to tell a complete story in one season. The anthology kicked off with The Haunting of Hill House, a season based on the Shirley Jackson book with the same name; it proved massively popular.

The next installment was called The Haunting of Bly Manor, and while it wasn't quite as popular, it was still largely received well by fans. Unfortunately, it seems we're not going to get a third installment, with Flanagan stating on Twitter that there are no plans to move forward.

The news is, of course, disappointing for fans. Flanagan's anthology managed to hit the sweet spot for horror fans who prefer a character-driven and emotional work rather than one focused on gratuitous violence or mindless fear. Whether things will change in the future is yet to be seen.

Intrepid Pictures, the production company being run by Flanagan alongside one of its founders, Trevor Macy, has penned a deal with Netflix for additional TV shows. Deadline suggests that the deal will result in similar 'character-driven genre projects' in the future.