Netflix Post Technology Alliance helps creators choose the best tools

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 14, 2018, 6:12 pm CDT
Netflix Post Technology Alliance helps creators choose the best tools

Netflix has announced a new program that will apply a logo to products that meet the company’s delivery and technical specs. Called the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, the new logo program is intended to help content creators choose the tools that best enable them to create videos for the service. Manufacturers working with Netflix will apply the logo to their qualifying products.

According to Netflix, it has provided manufacturer partners with early access to its technical roadmap, also collaborating with them on issues like support and training. Products that meet Netflix’s standards will feature the logo shown in the image above.

“As Netflix technical requirements evolve,” the company said on its tech blog, “you can be assured products bearing this logo will evolve in step with us.” Current partners include Blackmagic Design, Canon, Adobe, Panasonic, Red Digital Cinema, Sony, and more. Products span IMF encoding, cameras, editorial, and color grading.

Netflix plans for its logo program to one day cover audio production, dubbing, and other aspects of post-production, as well. The company cautions creators that they shouldn’t limit themselves to just products bearing the logo — more tools will be added over time, but some things won’t be included at all, including lenses.

Rather, Netflix says:

Finally, this is not a prescription for which products to use. As an artist, you should use the tools that make sense for your production, are best suited to your workflows, and serve your creative interests. With that in mind, this logo is an identifier to quickly tell you a product has been vetted for delivery to Netflix, and that the company who makes the product is committed to ongoing support and innovation.

SOURCE: Netflix Tech Blog

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