Netflix lands new distribution agreements with 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Netflix is growing and quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of getting movies and TV shows in the home of many users. The company has offered up its streaming movie service on all major consoles, the iPhone and recently unveils a slick iPad app as well.

Netflix has announced that it has signed new distribution agreements with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios Home Entertainment that will see a significantly increased number of SD and HD titles from both movie houses come to Netflix. The agreement will have more physical DVDs and Blu-ray films being offered via the mail order service from both studios.

The most interesting part of the agreements though is that the Netflix streaming service is getting the rights to cover some of TVs most popular shows with its streaming software. 20th Century Fox programs like 24, Bones, and Lie to Me will land on the streaming platform. The downside is that both studios will still use a 28-day window before new titles are offered on Netflix.