Netflix just released its best UI customization feature to date

If you're like the average Netflix subscriber, you've likely started to watch some random show or movie, only to realize that you really don't want to watch it. You exit the show and continue to browse, but there's a problem — every time you launch the app, that barely-watched and unwanted show reappears in your 'Continue Watching' row where you're forced to ignore it in favor of content you actually care about. That, finally, has changed.

The 'Continue Watching' row on the Netflix interface is, of course, the content bar that features the shows and movies you've watched parts of but haven't yet finished. The row itself is useful — you'll use this to quickly locate the content you've been watching, making it easier to get right back into the action.

The problem, of course, is that you can't remove the content you intend to continue ignoring...until now, that is. Users have noted that Netflix now offers the ability to manually remove content from the 'Continue Watching' row, giving users more control over which content they see in their personalized accounts.

When you click on a show or movie in the 'Continue Watching' row, you can down scroll down through the options (such as Play, Episodes, etc.) and you'll find a new menu item called 'Remove from row.' Click that listing and you'll forever purge the content from your 'Continue Watching' section, freeing up the space for other content that you actually intend to finish.

The feature is now available on the Netflix mobile apps, which is likely why many users are just now learning about it. As with any new feature, it may take a bit longer for the option to arrive in your own personal account, so remain patient if you don't yet see the feature on mobile.