Netflix is giving Tiger King a second season: What we know

Netflix has a huge slate of true-crime programming in the pipeline, including a second season for last year's hit Tiger King. The company revealed the second season as part of a larger trailer showcasing some of the shows it has in the pipeline, including the series Bad Vegan and the documentary Trust No One: The Hunt For the Crypto King.

Netflix released its Tiger King documentary series in March 2020; it quickly skyrocketed in popularity, something likely aided by the number of people who had suddenly found themselves homebound and in need of new entertainment. Fast-forward more than a year and it seems we'll get a second season, this time taking viewers to prison.

Tiger King revolves around Joe Exotic and, to a somewhat lesser degree, Carol Baskin. The company provided essentially no details about the upcoming season, though it did give viewers a look at Joe Exotic behind a wall of prison glass.

Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison in January 2020 over an alleged murder-for-hire plan and wildlife law violations. An appeals court paved the way in July for a potentially reduced sentence, though he still faces a substantially long term.

Netflix did say that the second season will be released this year, meaning fans won't have to wait long to see whether the streaming company can maintain the breakneck craziness of the first season. It's unclear how the show will manage to keep the madness going with Exotic behind bars.