Netflix HDR arrives for LG G7 One and two other premium phones

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 23, 2018, 5:53pm CDT
Netflix HDR arrives for LG G7 One and two other premium phones

Netflix has once again expanded its HDR video support to additional premium smartphones, enabling those device owners to watch high dynamic range content on their mobile device. Support has been slow to roll out, that largely due to the limited number of HDR-capable handsets on the market. This time around, Netflix has added HDR support for the LG G7 One and a couple Sony mobile devices.

Netflix began adding HDR support for Android devices last year, those early devices including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. The Huawei P20, Xperia XZ2 soon followed, as well as the iPhone X, the Razer Phone, the Note 9, and the LG V30/V35, among others. The full list of supported devices is here.

Today the company has refreshed its HDR supported devices list, this time adding three new high-end Android smartphones: the LG G7 One, Sony Xperia XZ3, and the Xperia XZ2 Premium. All three models have displays capable of presenting the high dynamic range content, which includes richer colors and more clarity in bright/dark regions of the picture.

There’s a small “catch” to it all, though, in that you must have a Netflix plan that comes with HDR support — that’s the four-screen options, which is pricier than the basic tier plan many customers have. As well, not all Netflix content comes with an HDR option.

SOURCE: Netflix

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