Netflix has a bunch of holiday specials planned for 2019

Once upon a time, the holiday season meant tuning into ABC Family and the Hallmark Channel for the opportunity to endlessly binge on cheesy Christmas specials. Things have changed, however, and many consumers are turning to on-demand streaming services for their entertainment needs. Here to fill the void is Netflix, which is planning a huge batch of holiday specials over the next two months.

The company has introduced a few of its new movies for this holiday season on its official 'See What's Next' account on Twitter. Among the new shows is one that appeals to people enamored with the recent royal birth, and it comes with a very obvious title: A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, which arrives on the streaming platform on December 5.

Joining that will be a new Christmas-themed romantic comedy called The Knight Before Christmas, one involving a literal knight who requires the help of a lady to get back to his own time. It's clear Netflix is focusing on the types of holiday specials cable customers became accustomed to over the years.

Those who want a Christmas movie without the snowy white landscapes and bright lighting may enjoy Holiday in the Wild, a holiday special starring Kristin Davis and Rob Lowe. This movie is set in Zambia where a divorcée 'rediscovers herself' on safari and while working in an elephant sanctuary.

Beyond that, Netflix has shared a poster for Let It Snow, a new movie that it says is about a 'once-in-a-century' snowstorm that plasters a small town just ahead of Christmas. The movie is based on the hit novel by the same name; viewers can expect it to arrive on the platform ahead of Christmas.

These and more will arrive on the platform starting next month, joining the holiday originals Netflix has released in past years, including some with major celebrities. Users can sort through content on Netflix to view only holiday specials, including movies and shows about specific holidays. Many are available to stream now.