Netflix ‘Gypsy’ cancelled after only one season: reviews were mixed

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 11, 2017
Netflix ‘Gypsy’ cancelled after only one season: reviews were mixed

Netflix, which recently went on a cancellation spree, has just brought another show to a premature end. Gypsy only lasted for a single season before earning the company’s banhammer, something that perhaps isn’t surprising given its relatively mild launch and mixed bag of reviews. Sources claim that at one point Netflix was in talks with show producers to buy a second season.

Gypsy is, obviously, a Netflix Original, one that stars Naomi Watts and is billed as a dark psychological thriller. All the components were there to bring about a new hit drama for the streaming service, but once actually live, reviewers weren’t terribly enthusiastic about what the show brought to the table. Many described it as good enough, but ultimately tedious.

Viewer reception must have been similar — or just lacking overall — as Netflix has decided not to give the show another chance. According to Deadline, the streaming service had at first appeared serious about picking up a second season, something that had progressed so far as to bring about a writers room for the next round of episodes. That writers room is said to have been live for about four weeks before the bad news happened.

If you hadn’t yet gotten around to watching Gypsy, here’s a quick summary: the show focused on a Manhattan-based therapist named Jean Holloway. Per Netflix’s description, Holloway begins to form ‘intimate and illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives, the borders of her professional life and personal fantasies become blurred.’

Gypsy isn’t the only show that Netflix has killed off, though. The company recently decided to part ways with Sense8, though it will be airing a long finale episode next year due to popular demand. In the recent past, Netflix has also given the banhammer to Girlboss, Marco Polo, The Get Down, Lilyhammer, Longmire, and Hemlock Grove.

SOURCE: Deadline

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