Netflix for iOS updated with support for new iPad Pro tablets

Netflix has pushed out an update for its iOS app that adds support for the newly launched iPad Pro tablets. Early adopters of the two new models have noted that many apps feature large black bars around the window and Netflix's (now former) app was no exception. Upon updating, the app fills the entire iPad Pro display.

The black bars on the app are due to the new 11-inch iPad Pro's new aspect ratio, which is different than the aspect ratio found on the older 10.5-inch model. This results in apps that haven't yet been optimized showing up with large black bars. Because the tablets are brand new, most apps have not been optimized.

Some troubles also appear on the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which has the same aspect ratio as its older siblings, but with rounded corners and a virtual home indicator. These changes have likewise resulted in black bars appearing in some apps, which is overall a minor irritation, but enough to illicit some consumer complaints.

Netflix has been very quick in updating its app, which only received a generic changelog. Early iPad Pro adopters have noted that the black bars are now gone and the video app fills the entire screen properly. It's reasonable to expect that other major apps will also receive iOS updates in coming days that add support for the new displays.

Until that time comes, new iPad Pro owners should be aware of the black bar issue, and either wait to make the device transition until their favorite apps have support or learn to ignore what look like gigantic bezels until the updates finally start rolling in.