Netflix finally reveals when Seinfeld will be available to stream

Seinfeld fans have had a long dry spell since the popular sitcom left Hulu. Though we've known for months that it would be coming to Netflix, the streaming service didn't elect to make it available at the same time it left Hulu — and it didn't say when it planned to make the series available. That, thankfully, has finally changed.

Netflix acquired the streaming rights for Seinfeld way back in 2019, but the show was still with Hulu at the time. Hulu's rights to the show finally expired in late June of this year, but Netflix didn't step in immediately to fill the void.

It was unclear whether the company was dragging things out on purpose or if there was a contractual reason the show didn't have a smooth transition from one platform to the other. Fans were left with either purchasing the digital series, the sitcom's disc release, or watching it through cable reruns.

That will finally change next month when Netflix says Seinfeld will be available to stream in its entirety, assuming you have a Netflix subscription. Netflix has shared a fun trailer for the upcoming premiere, presenting it as an all-new (to Netflix) sitcom with a huge 180-episode premiere.

The series will debut on October 1, giving Netflix access to one of the most popular sitcoms and potentially drawing in new subscribers. Though Netflix remains home to a huge video library, the company's days of offering popular third-party shows are largely over, especially as major networks launch their own streaming platforms.