Netflix Fear Street blooper reel gives behind-the-scenes look at trilogy

Netflix tried (and largely succeeded) to make its own summer movie event with a trilogy of teen-focused horror flicks based on the old Fear Street books. During the Comic-Con@Home event, the streaming service released a blooper reel from the set, giving fans a look at the comedic mistakes that plagued the scary series.

Today is the last day of Comic-Con@Home, the virtual event that includes panels and more about your favorite current and upcoming games, movies, and franchises. Netflix is one of the companies participating in the virtual event, and it has provided some content for its Fear Street fans.

As it had promised, Netflix released a total of three Fear Street movies this summer, each a week apart, creating something like a summer horror event for teenagers and the adults who enjoyed the show. With the third and final movie in the installment now available to stream, the company is back with a blooper reel.

Though Fear Street is creepy and violent, the blooper reel is amusing and, at times, hilarious. Fans get to see the show's stars as they accidentally mess up their lines, trip over objects, or experience weapon malfunctions — the video kicks off with a killer's knife catastrophically breaking mid-scene, for example.

The video is only a few minutes long and it manages to avoid any big spoilers, but there are enough minor looks at major scenes to potentially ruin a few things here and there. If you plan to watch the trilogy, it's probably a good idea to stream the movies first, then watch the blooper reel to compare the mistakes with the final products.