Netflix-equipped HDTVs coming from LG

Shawn Farner - Jan 5, 2009, 8:06am CST
Netflix-equipped HDTVs coming from LG

Minimalist movie buffs, rejoice – you’ll soon be able to stream Netflix movies without the clutter of a set top box.  LG will unveil a new line of HDTVs this week with instant Netflix movie streaming built right in.

No word yet on pricing, but consumers can expect to pay a premium for the built-in Netflix features.  It’s also unclear how exactly the sets will connect to the internet for streaming.  A wired connection would create the need for ethernet to be run to the TV, while a wireless connection might require the additional purchase of a wireless router.  Perhaps both will be an option?

Aside from the Netflix integration, specs on the TVs have been hard to come by.  More details are expected to come at CES later this week, and we’ll have a team on the floor ready to fill you in.

[via Gizmodo]

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