Netflix adds Worth the Wait UI row that previews future shows and movies

Netflix has finally rolled out the 'New & Popular' UI section it has been testing for the past several months, making it available to all users around the world. The launch unexpectedly included yet another new row called 'Worth the Wait,' which previews the content Netflix plans to add over the next year, including new seasons for existing shows and entirely new series.

If you sign in to Netflix on a TV app or smart TV, you'll notice an arrow icon in the left-hand sidebar; this is the 'New & Popular' section, which you may have already had access to for a while. Within this, users can see the Top 10 shows and movies in their region, as well as newly added content and videos that are coming in the very near future.

The official launch of this new section also includes an entirely new row called 'Worth the Wait,' which offers descriptions and previews of movies, shows, and new seasons that Netflix will be releasing in the more distant future, giving subscribers a good reason to stick with the service for the long term.

The new rows are limited to TV apps, however; Netflix subscribers on mobile can instead preview 'Coming Soon' content accessible through the menu bar, which takes them to a part of the app that includes trailers, descriptions, release dates, and the option of turning on a reminder for when the content becomes available.

The key aspect of the newly added 'Worth the Wait' section on TV is that it doesn't only show content that will be added in the near future — you'll be able to browse future additions that date out as far a year into the future. You can set reminders for those distant additions, and, according to Variety, you may soon also be able to view the same new row on Netflix for Web.