Netflix adds mobile games: Here's who can play today

For quite some time now, rumors and reports have been swirling about Netflix's intention to add games to its streaming service. The day has finally come, with Netflix today announcing the first two games that will be available to subscribers. Unfortunately, Netflix decided to kick things off with a small-scale test, so only a tiny subset of subscribers will be able to take these games for a spin.

In fact, if you don't live in Poland, you're going to have to sit this test out for now. Netflix has launched this pilot program in Poland only, and it's starting with two games for Android. Those games are Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3, so if you happen to be a Polish fan of Stranger Things, it sounds like this test is right up your alley.

Even though this test is limited to Poland for the time being, Netflix discussed it on its North American Twitter account. "Let's talk Netflix and gaming," the tweet reads. "Today members in Poland can try Netflix mobile gaming on Android with two games, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3. It's very, very early days and we've got a lot of work to do in the months ahead, but this is the first step."

The fact that the main English-language Netflix social media account is discussing this test despite its small scale shows how important this gaming rollout is to the company. In a follow-up tweet, Netflix said that the games offered on its service would be ad-free with no in-app purchases. Those games will also be included with Netflix memberships, though at the moment, it's unclear if games will be available to all tiers or if they will be limited to more expensive tiers.

So, for those here in North America, there isn't a whole lot to report for now. Still, Netflix clearly considers this rollout important, as it's letting US subscribers know about games before they even launch on the service. We'll keep our eyes peeled for new details and let you know when Netflix shares more, so stay tuned.