Netflix accuses Comcast of costing it customers

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 30, 2014
Netflix accuses Comcast of costing it customers

Netflix has been vocal in its battle for net neutrality, but despite its position, the company has relented multiple times and entered into peering agreements with major Internet service providers, including Comcast. This was because the latter ISP was costing it customers, Netflix has revealed.

Netflix recently petitioned the FCC to deny Comcast’s planned acquisition of Time Warner Cable, something the company has addressed in the past. Among many potential issues with the proposed business move was details on how Comcast’s past throttling actions had cost the company customers.

Comcast began severely throttling customers’ Netflix experience early this year, resulting in many frustrated and angry customers who, says Netflix, contacted the company in quadrupled numbers over average. Because the streaming quality was so poor — and sometimes impossible — many customers dropped the service.

The customers it was losing forced Netflix to enter into an agreement with Comcast after a couple months, and that has snowballed into similar agreements with Verizon and more. Check out the timeline below for more news on the ordeal.


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