Netbook shipments expected 18% decline

Rue Liu - Jan 27, 2011
Netbook shipments expected 18% decline

Tablet PCs are elbowing out netbooks according to a report put forth by DRAMeXchange in Taiwan. The forecast predicts that netbook shipments in 2011 will decline 18% to about 27 to 28 million units with primary growth only to remain in emerging markets.

While the netbook still has a cost/performance advantage, the shift in media exposure since telecommunication carriers are now redirecting their attention from netbooks to tablet PCs keeps the spotlight on the latter. However, it is believed sales in emerging markets should see growth since the $550 to $650 price point for tablet PCs is less affordable.

Although many Chinese white brand netbook vendors are now shifting towards manufacturing tablet PCs, some still believe that Netbooks will retain their own niche market. Asus just launched the Eee PC 1015PW and expects to introduce 3 to 4 more new netbook models.

[Via ConceivablyTech]

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