Nest silently sneaks in Apple Watch support in latest update

When you're a company set on conquering every household with smart monitors and sensors, you can't afford to ignore even your parent company's fiercest rivals. That is especially true for Nest, formerly owned by Google, now owned by Alphabet. Although the company has had an iOS app for quite some time now, one important piece of the puzzle was still missing. Well, consider that puzzle now complete as Nest has, rather silently, finally added support for the Apple Watch in the latest update to its iOS app.

Nest and smartwatches, after all, make a good couple. Being able to quickly set your thermostat or view current home conditions even from afar, all without whipping out your smartphone and swiping endlessly is one of the things that do make sense for smartwatches. Not exactly for playing games.

Of course, it's not a perfect match. After all, you can't exactly view your Nest Dropcam's video feed from your wrist. Even if you could, it probably wouldn't be worthwhile. So yes, Nest's Apple Watch app is limited to the Nest Thermostat naturally. At least they're now on par with Android Wear users.

The update isn't all about the Apple Watch though. It brings in a few new features for owners of its Cam and Dropcam products. For example, the iOS app now features Spaces, which lets you group room and cameras together so you can see them all at once at a glance. You can also share password-protected live feeds, hopefully to only trusted people. And for Dropcam Pro users, 1080p videos are now also supported.

Despite recent problems, both internally and in the court of public opinion, Nest still remains one of the most known brands when it comes to smart home products. The small gesture towards supporting the Apple Watch will perhaps go a long way in earning some of that trust back.