Nest Hub Sunrise alarm, Weather Frog, Family Sticky Notes arrive

Some might question the need or use of a smart display, just as many have questioned the sense of a smart speaker in the first place. Given how we almost always have our smartphones stuck to our hands, it almost feels redundant to have another display in the house. There are, of course, some things that are better or are only possible using smart displays, like these new features that are landing on the Nest Hub and other Google Assistant smart displays.

Smart Displays are primarily used to show things that you'd want to always be visible all the time, like, well, the time and the date. Although some have reservations about putting them inside bedrooms, these do also make good bedside alarm clocks. The only problem is that it takes a bit of work customizing those alarms if it's possible at all.

The latest update to the Nest Hub brings a new Alarm UI that lets you do exactly that, allowing users to fiddle with alarm settings like tone, and snooze duration. It also brings a new Sunrise alarm that tries to mimic the effect of the rising sun and whether your smart lights, if you have any, should follow that pattern as well.

Smart displays can also make for dynamic digital family bulletin boards where everyone can see group appointments and schedules. New to these displays are Sticky Notes for the family to see, perfect for notes and to-do lists. Just make sure you don't put sensitive information that non-family members will also be able to see.

Last but not the least, the cute Google Weather Frog becomes the fourth ambient display option for these smart devices. The graphic changes according to the weather and time of day, making it an entertaining option, especially if you don't have many photos you want to be seen. Android Police reports that the new alarm features are already rolling out but some might require server-side updates as well as a reboot to be installed.