Nest Hub Max smart display finally gets Zoom support

As previously promised, Google has added support for Zoom on its Nest Hub Max smart display, enabling users to fire up video calls with a single voice message. The new support joins video calling with Meet and Duo, expanding the number of people you can contact using the product. The addition has arrived in time for the holidays.

Video conference and calling have exploded in popularity amid the pandemic, enabling many people to work from home and to stay in contact with friends while socially distancing. Smart displays are arguably the easiest way for the less tech-savvy to initiate calls and join group chats, but the number of supported platforms tends to be lower.

If your family prefers to use Zoom, you can now participate in their video calls with the Nest Hub Max, at least if you're located in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia. The support includes free accounts as well as paid subscribers and, as demonstrated in the announcement video, calls can be initiated by telling Google Assistant who to call and with which app.

Google explains how users can leverage the smart display to arrange video calls with friends and family during the holidays — namely, by creating an invite in Calendar and sending it to the people you want to hang out with. If the call will take place over Zoom, you'll first need to connect the Zoom and Google accounts.

Other participants will need the Zoom meeting ID in addition to the video call invitation. Google notes that it has made its own Meet platform's video calls unlimited through the end of March, eliminating the free duration limit one may otherwise experience using free accounts.