Nest Hello Quiet Time and Quick Responses are coming to Google Home

Google's acquisition of Nest and eventual migration of brands and accounts unsurprisingly met with some pushback. In addition to privacy concerns, there were some issues when moving from Nest's own platform to Google's. One pain point, in particular, revolved around features in the Nest app that haven't made their way yet to Google Home. Fortunately, it seems that Google is indeed working on resolving that problem, and an upcoming version of the Google Home app could see the arrival of two old Nest Hello features to the new app.

It is understandable if not all old Nest Hello features make it to their new home in Google Home. Those features might be obsolete, unused, or even broken, and the transition is a good chance to shed off unnecessary baggage. In this particular case, however, Quiet Time and Quick Responses were sorely missed, and Nest Hello owners might rejoice in seeing their return soon.

Quiet Time allows users to silence the Nest Hello doorbell's chime for a set duration of time. The time range is predefined from 30 minutes to three hours. The idea is to have no audible alarms indoors when a person is at the door, but you will still be notified of the event and the person outside will still hear the ring.

Quick Responses allowed homeowners to select a predefined audio response when they receive a notification from the doorbell. Users unfortunately still can't create their own responses, but the Google Home app will apparently let you send the response from the app itself rather than from the notification.

These two features are still available in the Nest app, but that means opening a separate app rather than doing everything from a single Google Home app. The addition of these features to Google's own app could offer a small but significant convenience to Nest Hello video doorbell owners. All that's left is to wait for the update to roll out to the public.