Nespresso's Pixie coffee maker made from used coffee capsules

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If you're finding that you need some environmental friendliness to go along with your morning coffee, you might want to check out Nespresso's new Pixie coffee maker. According to Nespresso, 98% percent of the machine is made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules, so when you've used your capsules up, you're invited to deposit them at one of Nespresso's stores so that they may be used in the creation of another Pixie machine. Sounds pretty cool, no?

The machine itself comes in at 4.3 x 9.25 x 12.83 inches and is available in 6 different colors and 2 different finishes. It's going to set you back quite a bit of money, however – listed at around $215 on Amazon, it isn't exactly what you can call cheap, but with other coffee makers and espresso machines sometimes costing hundreds of dollars more, it's at least reasonable in that respect. The Pixie also sports some energy saving features, shutting off after 9 minutes of inactivity and using 40% less power than other machines in category A.

There's no arguing that the Pixie looks pretty sleek and that the idea behind it is commendable, but will it catch on? A lot of people are passionate about the environment, but a lot of people are also really busy (or, alternatively, really lazy), which might make it hard for Nespresso to get a satisfactory amount of used coffee capsules returned to them. Then again, we suppose recycling these capsules is preferable to having them fill the trash can day after day, so who knows? The Pixie may yet become the next big thing in going green.

[via Nespresso]