NES Controller Used to Play Nintendo Emulator on HTC EVO 4G

There's an emulator of every kind on the Android platform right now. Ranging from old-school consoles, to newer (yet still old-school) models, you can find all types of games to play while you're on the move, without having to get your hands on the old-time console. The Nintendo emulators seem to be some of the most popular, and considering the titles available, that's not a surprise at all. But, while playing your favorite games of yester-year may be fun, sometimes playing with your fingers blocking the screen isn't (if you don't have a physical keyboard, of course). So what would be better? How about the original Nintendo Entertainment System's controller? Yeah, we thought it might.

Thanks to a promising hacker out there, we can now safely say that it is indeed possible to play your favorite Nintendo games, through your emulator, on your Android-based device. Well, if that Android device happens to be the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint, that is. The specifics mean you need to plug the NES controller into a Sparkfun prototyping shield, which has a BlueSMIRF Bluetooth modem attached to it. Courtesy of the Arduino programming language therein, the controller (connected to that Bluetooth modem) will seamlessly playing nice with the Android device.

There's a few technical steps needed to get the process finished, but considering the end result, it would be worth it, right? As of right now, the hacker's project is still in Alpha mode, but if you really want to give this a shot, you can head on through this link, and find the instructions you need. But, enough of us talking about it — check out the video below.

[via IntoMobile]