NES Classic stock: There's still time to order if you're quick

As expected, today's NES Classic restock sold out at most retailers very quickly. That will hardly be a surprise to those who were trying to get one the first time the console was available, as they were very hard to come by and restocks were infrequent. Many people likely tried to get an NES Classic this morning and left empty-handed, but if that happened to you, you may not be entirely out of luck just yet.

Most nationwide retailer websites list the NES Classic as out of stock. That's true of Target, Best Buy, ThinkGeek, Amazon, and Walmart. You can still get an NES Classic from the last two, but you'll be buying from a third-party and therefore paying more than $60, which is Nintendo's suggested retail price for the console.

However, as of this writing, the NES Classic is still available to buy from There's going to be a slight delay in shipping, as GameStop's listing says that new orders will ship out by July 3. Even with that delay, though, this is probably the best chance you'll have to pick up an NES Classic for at least a little while.

You'll probably want to act quickly, as there's no telling how long GameStop's remaining inventory will last. It might also be worth calling around to your local retailers to see if they still have any stock – though most probably won't, there's always a chance that you'll find one that hasn't been claimed yet.

For the moment, we're not sure when we can expect major retailers to restock the NES Classic. Nintendo says it will continue to offer the mini console through the end of the year, which suggests that multiple restocks are coming. We'll keep an ear to the ground for more, and if you're going to try to snag one from GameStop, good luck!