NERF Machine Gun Tracks Heat, Shoots on Contact [Video]

NERF guns are fun. Sure, they might be crafted for the kids out there, but let's face it — they're fun. But there's always a way to make something that's cool, even cooler. And that's exactly what one man did. With a bit of ingenuity, and probably watching one too many movies with heat-tracking weapons, he managed to create a NERF machine gun that can track your body heat, and shoot you when it does.

The designers name is Rick Prescott, and he managed to wrangle up an IR sensor, and connect it to a rather large plastic machine gun. The NERF weapon is the Vulcan EBF-25TM, and as you can see from the video below, it means business. And, while the NERF Vulcan with heat-tracking ability may not be on the military's list of must-need weapons, it does offer up quite a bit of fun. As for Prescott, he intents on putting the automatic weapon at the front of his cubicle, and letting it loose on those "less desirables." Of course, unless it gets some face recognition, Prescott may find himself quite a lonely person at work from this point on.


[via DVICE]