Neff Lumberjack Knit Hat is perfect for the facial hair deficient

Back in the 70's and 80's all the manly men on TV had mustaches. Just look at Tom Selleck, his mustache was practically a character on Magnum PI back in the day. If you are the sort that wants to rock a beard and mustache, but you lack the ability to grow anything other than a patchy stubble beard that is bald in places, this hat will fix you right up.

On the top, it's a plain knit hat that you see people wear every winter. The real cool to this thing is that it has s thick, fake brown beard and mustache knitted to the hat. It leaves a little place fro your mouth. The beard is removable if you need to eat come thing greasy and don't want your beard to get messy.

The hat is made from acrylic yarn. I wonder if it would itch as much as it looks like it would. Other than making you look manlier, the beard is also going to help keep your face warm too. You can order your own hat now for $38.