NEEO and Control4 join forces on next-gen smart home tech

Switzerland-based smart home company NEEO has been acquired by Control4 as part of its plan to offer next-gen interactive smart home tech, the company has announced. Control4 plans to use NEEO's expertise for its latest touch panels, remote controls, keypads, and similar devices. The acquisition follows the launch of NEEO's smart home remote control four years ago.

The NEEO smart home product was launched on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2015, where the public was introduced to an unusual take on the typical remote control. NEEO's product featured a large touchscreen display providing direct access to connected gadgets, such as one's TV and lighting, as well as physical controls.

Until now, NEEO has sold its remote control directly to consumers, but Control4 says that it will end these direct sales under the acquisition. Existing product owners will continue to receive support through the NEEO website, and Control4 says it will "provide an upgrade path" for these consumers.

In its own statement, NEEO said the two companies plan to ensure that the NEEO devices remain supported for at least 24 months, with today as the start date of that support period. Underscoring that is the release of software update 0.53.8. which includes a new dark interface option, additional customization features, and more.

NEEO says that developers can continue to use its SDK to create new applications for the smart home platform, but only critical updates will arrive from NEEO in the future. Control4, for its part, only sells its products to the certified dealers, so customers won't be able to directly purchase future goods.