Nectar Mobile Power System launches at CES

The new product announcements are coming at a furious pace already from CES 2013. One of the most interesting new products to surface from the show so far this year comes from Lilliputian Systems and is called the Nectar Mobile Power System. The system is the result of cooperation between Liliputian Systems and Brookstone.

The Nectar system is a lightweight portable device designed to charge just about any consumer electronic device out there including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, and lots more. The device promises enough power to keep your typical electronic gadget running for two weeks or more by inserting a single Nectar Pod power cartridge. The system promises to deliver 10 times the runtime versus traditional chargers.

The product will be on display at CES so the manufacturer is holding back a few key details. One of the biggest details that's unclear is exactly how the system generates its power. It appears to be some sort of fuel cell charging system. The manufacturer says that both the mobile power system in the Nectar Pods cartridges are approved for carry on use of board commercial aircraft.

The Nectar Pod is hot-swappable so when one runs out of power, you can simply replace it with another to keep your devices powered indefinitely. The device will launch this summer and the charger will sell for $299.99. Additional Nectar Pods will be available for $9.99 each.