NEC SX-9 supercomputer reached fastest standing in HPC benchmark challenge

We don't talk about supercomputers very often here on SlashGear, but this is definitely interesting. NEC announced yesterday that their SX-9 supercomputer had reached the pinnacle! Yes, it reached the fastest standing in the world when it comes to high performance computer or HPC.

In fact, NEC received excellent scores in the HPC Challenge Benchmark test in 19 of the 28 sections. The HPC Benchmark is the way supercomputers are measured and ranked. The tests involve 28 areas. NEC did very well in the memory bandwidth section. This CPU is the first in the world to achieve 100 GFLOPS+ in peak vector performance.

Specifically, the SX-9 performed well in parallel environments and in memory bandwidth for single CPUs in eight different areas. Plus, it did well in inter-process data transfer rate in five different areas. The NEC SX-9 is in Japan at the Tohoku University's Cyber Science Center.