NEC narrow bezel LCD enables near borderless video wall up to 645 square foot display

NEC has announced a 46-inch MultiSync digital signage X461UN for commercial large format display. Unlike the typical professional LCDs in the market, the new MultiSync is groundbreaking with an ultra thin screen bezel that's measured at a mere 7.3mm, and it's configurable of up to 10x10 matrices to deploy a seamless video wall at a total surface area of approximately 645 square foot screen real estate! (Pic shown actual display with 2x2 conf.)

The NEC MultiSync X451UN sports a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio LCD panel with 1360 x 768 WXGA native resolution. Its luminance output is capable of up to 700 cd/m2 brightness, and the panel has typical contrast rating of 3000:1. The ultra narrow bezel is said to have improved 500 percent compare to previous 20 series MultiSync displays.

Like most of its professional monitors, the MultiSync X461UN is backed by manufacturer's 3-year parts and labor warranty and will be available from April with an estimated street price of $6,000.

Included in the MultiSync X461UN are the following features:

. Professional-grade LCD panel and components for the most formidable digital signage industry requirements

. 1360 x 768 WXGA native resolution in true 16:9 aspect ratio, maximum brightness of 700 cd/m2 and typical contrast ratio of 3000:1

. Ground-breaking ultra-narrow bezel of 7.3 millimeters (screen-to-screen)

. TileMatrixT, which enables video walls (up to 100 displays in a 10x10 matrix)

. Built-in expansion slot, which allows for seamless integration of current and future NEC accessories and third-party components

. SpectraView II Color Calibration Solution, which ensures color uniformity and fidelity across individual and multiple screens, creating a perfectly matched image in tiled environments

. Network Control and Communication, which provides the highest level of remote display management and includes such features as automatic email notification for diagnostic purposes

. Carbon footprint meter, which informs and motivates responsible use of the display by calculating and tracking carbon savings

. CableComp+T technology, which equalizes the video signal to reduce color distortion and improve sharpness for both analog and digital connections on long cable runs

. Rapid ResponseT technology, which delivers virtually uninterrupted, undistorted viewing of high-speed, full-motion video

. Diverse input connectors, allowing for maximum compatibility and flexibility during product implementation

. Optional wall mount and bezel kit