NEC LCD develops tech for large e-ink displays

Things are looking up in the world of e-ink. In fact, NEC LCD Technologies have come up with a new larger-sized electronic paper, which will make the way for full displays that use the microcapsule electrophoresis system.

What's cool here is that NEC LCD has created two sizes of paper, A3 and A4, that can be used to not only amplify e-ink technology for higher visibility and better quality images, but to also allow for the creation of large screen displays.

These larger displays would be constructed of 8 separate e-paper modules that would then be connected by means of a multi-tiling controller. The sides of the e-paper are very thin–about 1mm–which means they can be tiled without noticeable breaks. The benefits here are numerous including the ability to read under sunlight, reduced eye strain and more. Sign me up!