NEC demos gesture-based interactive controls

NEC has today announced the research and development of a technology that would see users interacting with information via gestures and movement. The system comprises of a movable camera, projector, and displays, allowing the user to physically manipulate information and photos ala Minority Report. No traditional input devices like mice or keyboards are needed, with a demonstration showing photos being moved with just a single hand.

A camera is positioned accordingly in order to read the user's movements, being able to see 3D shapes and detecting movement. When the user goes to move a piece of information, it's taken off one display, tracking by the camera and "moved" thanks to a projector before landing on another terminal.

The camera and projector working in tandem allows for a high level of precision too, although the demonstration in the video below is carried out rather slowly so you can see the full effect. NEC will further develop the technology so that users can use PCs and terminals without the need for additional input devices, and is hoping to apply the tech to other areas, like operating lights and air conditioners.