NEC debuts new M300XS and M300WS short throw projectors

NEC has announced the addition of a couple new short throw projectors to its line for business users that need a big image in a small space. The new projectors include the M300XS and the M300WS. Both of the projectors share some of the same features like 3000 lumens of light output and a short throw distance of 1.8 to 3.6 feet from the surface.

The lamps used are good for 5000 hours and both units have HDMI, dual computer inputs, and USB ports. The USB viewer feature allows the showing of images from optional USB memory without a computer. Both units also have a virtual remote that allows the complete control of the projectors from the computer.

Each of the units also has a 10W speaker for presentations with audio. The only difference between the two is the resolution with the XS getting XGA and the WS getting WXGA resolution. Quick Startup allows the projectors to be ready to use in 3 to four seconds and they need no cool down at shut off. Both will ship this month with the M300WX selling for $999 and the M300WS selling for $1099.