Neato Robotics XV Signature vacuums debut

Neato Robotics has unveiled the new XV Signature series robot vacuum cleaner. The company has also unveiled the XV Signature Pro with both new models featuring the company's square front, low-profile design. The robotic vacuum cleaners are both designed to be able to go under furniture and into corners to pick up the most dirt and pet hair possible.

The vacuum cleaners are programmable allowing them to come on and clean on the schedule the owner programs. The vacuums can be set up for daily cleanings, spot cleanings, and will begin to clean instantly at the press of a button. Both of the robotic vacuum cleaners use advanced laser-guided navigation to map the room.

Using that information, the vacuum cleaners are able to choose the smartest cleaning path and the tech avoids stairs as well as furniture. The vacuum can return to its charging station to recharge its batteries and remember where it stopped cleaning allowing it to return after the batteries are full. The XV Signature series promised to pick up 50% more dust than previous models.

The high-powered vacuum picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, dander, and microscopic fibers. The vacuum will work on carpet, wood, tile, and rugs even if those rugs have fringe. The vacuum has integrated filters to remove allergens from the air in the home and particles down to 3 ยต in size. The vacuum series use bagless designs. The XV Signature Pro will sell for $449 while the XV Signature sells for $399. The difference between the two models appears to be that the Pro has a combination brush and a blade brush for superior cleaning on multiple surface types.

[via Neato Robotics]