NCR joins growing list of mobile payment operators

You might not recognize the name NCR, but chances are you've interacted with some of its products. In fact, chances are you do so on a daily basis. It manufactures millions of point-of-sale terminals that are used at retail stores as well as barcode scanners, professional kiosks, ATMs, and more. And now it's stepping into the newest form of payment technology.

The company has launched a new service called NCR Silver, which it describes as "bringing our big-business know-how to small business." But it isn't just going the exact same way as Square or Coin. It wants to offer complete, full-fledged point-of-sale solutions to merchants. NCR does of course have a mobile credit card reader for iPhones and iPads.

But it also has a device that allows iPads to scan barcodes. It also offers an "iPad register bundle," which includes everything you need to turn your tablet into a real point-of-sale terminal – cash drawer, receipt printer, everything. This all comes at a cost, though. NCR Silver costs $79 per month, and the credit card reader costs an additional $79. The machine that reads cards and scans barcodes costs $549. It's for the small businesses that are a bit bigger than what Square can offer.

[via USA Today]