NBC removes all content from YouTube - Hula launching within a week

I've slowly been losing my respect for NBC. They used to be pretty cool, especially when they went and started providing their content on YouTube. Then they got the great idea to create their own video site (very similar to YouTube).

If you go looking for NBC content on YouTube you'll be quite disappointed. NBC has closed their account with YouTube and removed all of their content from the video sharing site. This of course is a prelude to the launch of Hula, the offspring of a joint-venture between NBC and News Corp to make more money from their videos.

I wonder how many people will actually sign up for this new site. YouTube is very well-known, however, I don't know many people that have ever heard of Hula. I'm really curious to see if they go crawling back to YouTube if this venture fails.

NBC yanks its own video content from Youtube [via tgdaily]