National Geographic makes real flying house from animated flick Up

If you have kids or just like animation, you have probably seen the flick Up. This movie has an old geezer living in his house, which is now in the middle of the city. The man fills up a bunch of balloons, ties them to the roof and sets off on a flight with a kid to see some adventure.

National Geographic has a new show coming soon called How Hard Can it Be? and one of the episodes of the show sees the cast recreating the flying house from Up. The project has what appears to be a lightweight shell of a house rather than the real thing. I don't think you can get enough helium balloons to make a real house fly.

Attached to that shell are 300 helium balloons of the gigantic type. The balloons carried the house aloft and it flew for an hour with heights up to 3,000 meters. I wonder if the dude you see hanging out the window really flew with the house. I would rather see them create the talking dogs. Squirrel!

[via Necedades]