NASA's SOHO orbiter captures pic some believe is a UFO

Strange things can happen in space. Strange things particularly happen around the sun thanks to the intense radiation and reflections in the optics of satellites, at least that's what NASA wants UFO enthusiasts to believe. For the second time in roughly a month one of NASA's solar observation satellites has captured a picture that has some crying UFO.

This time around, the photograph you see here was snapped by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or SOHO. The picture shows in the red circled area what appears to be some kind of jointed object floating near the sun. The photograph was snapped on April 24 and some think it's a spaceship refueling from the sun.

United States Naval Research Laboratory systems engineer Nathan Rich says that what people are seeing is a collection of streaks left over from cosmic rays. Those cosmic rays are charged particles and Rich says they went through the camera sensor just as the photo was snapped. The last time a solar observation platform snapped a photo of what some believers thought was UFO, it was blamed on reflections in the optics. Check out the YouTube video below and see what you think.

[via Fox News]