NASA's latest podcast episode is all about Mars Perseverance rover

NASA's Johnson Space Center has published the latest episode of its 'Houston We Have a Podcast' audio show, this one focusing on the space agency's new Perseverance rover. NASA plans to launch the rover later this summer with the goal of landing it on Mars in February 2021, marking the latest machine the agency has put on the Red Planet. The podcast is free to download on a variety of platforms.

In addition to its other vast educational content, NASA produces multiple podcasts on a variety of topics. One of the podcasts comes from the Johnson Space Center in Texas. The team just published 'Houston We Have a Podcast' episode 153 titled 'Perseverance' with NASA JPL Deputy Division Manager for Sciences Luther Beegle.

The podcast covers NASA's history of Mars landers and takes a particular look at the Perseverance rover, the space agency's most advanced rover thus far. The team plans to launch the rover later this year with it landing on Mars in early 2021, kicking off a mission that will include the deployment of an experimental helicopter, the first aerial vehicle of its kind on another planet.

Beegle is joined by podcast host Gary Jordan, who explains:

On this podcast, we bring in the experts, scientists, engineers, astronauts, all to let you know what's going on in the world of human spaceflight. NASA is paving the way towards a sustainable presence on the Moon and on to Mars. Though humans have never set foot on the red planet, we've been there many times.

Anyone can listen to the podcast for free using a number of popular platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Soundcloud. As with other NASA works, the content can be downloaded, saved, and shared with others. If you prefer reading, you can instead find a full transcript of the episode on NASA's website here.