NASA's ISS Google+ Hangout is live right now [UPDATE]

A couple of weeks ago, NASA announced that it would be conducting a live Google+ Hangout from the International Space Station today starting at 10:30 am ET. Of course, the space agency is sticking to their promise and have officially started the Hangout, which means you can watch live as astronauts answer all your hankering questions.

Astronauts Kevin Ford, Tom Marshburn, and Chris Hadfield are answering questions from now until approximately 11:30 am ET. The team is answering both pre-recorded questions sent in via YouTube, as well as live questions from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and of course Google+. We've embedded the live stream below for your viewing pleasure.

UPDATE: The Hangout is now over, but you can watch the whole thing below if you ended up missing it.

The deadline for submitting video questions has already passed, but you can still submit live questions via social media sites using the #askAstro hashtag, but don't be upset if the astronauts don't end up getting to your question — we're sure they have thousands of other questions to pick from.

Overall, it should be an interesting talk with the astronauts, who will mostly discuss what it's like in space, and what it's like to feel weightless in zero gravity. Of course, if you follow soon-to-be ISS commander Chris Hadfield on Twitter, he usually provides sneak peeks inside the ISS every once in a while.