NASA Visualization Explorer now available for all iOS devices

In July of 2011, NASA launched an interesting application that was only for iOS users. The application was called the NASA Visualization Explorer and it allowed iPad users to explore the Earth and see all sorts of cool NASA content and animations. The app features real satellite data along with tons of cool photos that NASA is famous for.

The app focused on topics like climate change and more. Data presented via the app was gathered by NASA satellites and then visualized on maps, charts, and various diagrams. NASA scientists also offered articles each week on related topics including the sun and solar system.

NASA has announced that users of other Apple devices can now get access to the app. That means that in addition to the iPad, the Visualization Explorer is now available for all iOS devices including the iPhone and iPod touch.

The app supports devices running iOS 5.1 and higher. Users can get access to the archive of stores with 274 articles covering a range of topics including the sun, planets, climate change, and deep space. A new story will be published every Tuesday and Thursday.