NASA shows off its first 4K ISS video

For decades, NASA has been big on getting normal, everyday Americans excited about space exploration and travel. One of the ways it gets the public involved with space is by releasing lots of beautiful photos and videos for people to check out. To make space look better to those interested enough in it to vote for elected officials that support giving NASA money for space exploration, NASA has always moved its video and photo technology along as technology progressed.

NASA isn't usually at the forefront of adopting new tech for video and photos, but it gets there eventually. NASA has been offering photos and video in HD resolution for a long time now and it is moving into 4K video technology.

The first 4K UHD video from NASA is a look at life aboard the ISS, and it's a very cool video to watch even if you don't have 4K video hardware in your home or office. NASA says that the 4K video gear aboard the ISS will also allow researchers to acquire high resolution and high frame rate video to give new insight into the wide range of experiments that are taking place on the ISS every day.

The 4k video will also give fans of space a new perspective on what it is like to be on the ISS and see the sights first hand. NASA says that more 4K video will be coming soon. If you don't have 4K hardware, you can watch in lesser resolutions.