NASA says it will announce new exoplanet 'findings' tomorrow

NASA has announced that it will soon reveal 'new findings' related to exoplanets — that is, planets that orbit stars that aren't our own sun. The space agency hasn't yet released any details about what it will say, as it states the info is under an embargo until 1PM tomorrow, at which point the scientific journal Nature will publish all the finer details. The public will be able to send questions in to NASA via Twitter during its briefing on Wednesday.

This isn't the first time NASA has announced that it will soon announce something space-related, and unfortunately none of those announcements have involved aliens thus far. We have, however, had previous announcements of newly discovered exoplanets, and that's the running assumption for tomorrow — that NASA will reveal yet another previously undiscovered planet.

NASA will be making the announcement via its NASA TV studio in Washington, though it'll also be taking media questions over the phone. If you're not part of the media, you won't be able to attend yourself, but you will be able to as questions via Twitter using the "#askNASA" hashtag.

As well, NASA says it plans to hold an AMA on Reddit after the briefing at 3PM tomorrow. During that AMA, the public will have a chance to ask questions, and NASA scientists will be there to answer them in both English and Spanish.