NASA pic spurs conspiracy theory about crabs on Mars

The spot at the heart of the conspiracy theory is located toward the left in the image above, near the sandy ground. If you still haven't spotted it, the industrious folks at UFO Daily have zoomed in on it for you, as seen below. Behold, the Mars crab:

The image was taken by a NASA rover, and it has triggered numerous armchair analysis by Internet sleuths who proclaim it to be either animal or plant, but definitely totes alive. The protrusions are said to be either tentacles or roots, and the one that is longer than the rest apparently guarantees that it is alive in some manner.

NASA, of course, has not commented on the picture, and if the past is an indication, it never will. As well, we can't guarantee that you're also not looking at an actual picture of an actual real-life space crab. We can say, however, that if this is a real crab NASA should feel pretty embarrassed about its inability to photoshop secret alien lifeforms out of its pictures.

The conspiracy theorists also say there's a space snail and a piece of a building in the picture, but we'll leave you to find those ones on your own.