NASA Partners With 13 US Companies To Support Moon And Mars Tech

NASA has announced that it partnered with 13 US space companies to support the development of various space technologies. A total of 19 industry partnerships are covered by this, according to the space agency, the goal being a maturation of 'industry-developed space technologies.' NASA will form non-reimbursable Space Act Agreements with thees companies.

In October 2018, NASA published the Space Technology Announcement of Collaboration Opportunity; these company selections were made under that, NASA said in its announcement today. The agreements issued by NASA to the companies will support space technology that'll help the US in its 'Moon to Mars' effort.

A large selection of technologies are covered by the agreements, including a navigation system that'll work between Earth and the Moon, a CubeSat radio transponder that'll work with NASA's Space Network, flexible aerogels, the friction stir welding method, a compact hydrogen generator, and more. Many of the efforts will go toward testing and improvements.

Agreements will be given to Advanced Space, Aerogel Technologies, Spirit AeroSystem, Lockheed Martin, Anasphere, Bally Ribbon Mills, Blue Origin, Vulcan Wireless, SpaceX, Sierra Nevada, Maxar Technologies, and more.

NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate associate administrator Jim Reuter said:

NASA's proven experience and unique facilities are helping commercial companies mature their technologies at a competitive pace. We've identified technology areas NASA needs for future missions, and these public-private partnerships will accelerate their development so we can implement them faster.